Lucky Dog has been happily walking dogs, caring for cats and other pets since 2005.  We provide your pet with the care and companionship they need to be happy and healthy while you are away.  We provide daily dog walks and pet care throughout the Los Angeles areas of West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, Hancock Park and more!

Problems that result from lack of exercise

  • Disobedient behavior like not following commands
  • Destructive behavior: chewing, digging, scratching doors
  • Troubled behavior like garbage raiding, or jumping

Fresh air, interaction with other playmates and a showering of affection all contribute to a happier and healthier pet that has better manners in the home.  But finding time during the day for walks and hikes can be a challenge.  Often our busy schedules only allow us to take our dog out for a quick “potty break”. To a dog, this is not enough to satisfy his desire to run and play.

We Love Your Pet

You will get above and beyond ordinary pet care services. We engage and observe your dog so that they have a positive experience with exercise, structure, love and basic training. We give guidance, praise and reinforcement when it comes to behavioral issues and charms. If you request socializing, we will let you know about their other doggie relations. Every service comes with a brief text or email with a photo so you can vicariously join us on our outings.